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Environmentally certified to European port standards

Environmentally certified to European port standards

Port of Oslo certified for a second time through the EcoPorts environmental management standard (PERS).

PUBLISERT: 24.11.23

Pers-sertifisering 2023

Driving an emission-free port of the future. PERS certification confirms that we are on the right track to move more goods from road to sea and reduce emissions, says Port Director Ingvar M. Mathisen, Environmental Advisor Emma Høysæter Minken (holding certificate), and Head of Planning and Environment Heidi Neilson. Photo: H.K. Riise

- Port of Oslo's vision is to become the world's most efficient and environmentally friendly urban port. The goal is to become emission-free in the long term. Innovation, green technology, and collaboration are essential for success. PERS certification contributes to fulfilling our vision, says Port Director Mathisen. 

European port network 

Port of Oslo is one of 90 ports representing 26 countries in the EcoPorts network. The European port organization ESPO leads the network and issues PERS certification. 

- Port of Oslo is setting the bar high regarding environment and sustainability. We embrace their emphasis on a collaborative approach, advancing through cooperation, which is also one of the main ideas behind the EcoPorts Network, says Isabelle Ryckbost, Secretary General of ESPO.  

International port cooperation is vital to Port of Oslo.  

- Ports play a key role in facilitating the growth of sustainable transport through increased maritime transport in and around the big cities in Europe. Collaboration promotes sharing knowledge and experience for joint sustainable solutions, says Heidi Neilson, Head of Planning and Environment, Port of Oslo. 

Nielsen leads the Committee for Sustainable Development for ESPO.  

Havnedirektør Ingvar M. Mathisen fikk overrakt PERS- sertifikatet under ESPO- samling i Brussel 7. november. Oslo Havn er resertifisert for to nye år. På bildet: Ingvar M. Mathisen CEO Port of Oslo, Zeno D’Agostino ESPO Chair, Isabelle Ryckbost ESPO Secretary General, Anaëlle Boudry EcoPorts Coordinator
Recertified. On November 7, Ingvar M. Mathisen received the PERS certificate from Zeno D'Agostino, Chairman of ESPO, Isabelle Ryckbost, Secretary General of ESPO, and Anaëlle Boudry, EcoPorts Coordinator (right) Photo: ESPO  


Quality checking sustainability 

Port of Oslo will be a driving force to develop an emission-free port of the future. We will contribute to long-term sustainable development by facilitating efficient and environmentally friendly port operations and encouraging the use of clean energy and innovative infrastructure. 

-PERS certification measures how we work with the environment and sustainability on multiple levels. We are assessed on how our environmental goals integrate into our work. It is a good self-evaluation approach and contributes to continuous improvement and development, says Emma Høysæter Minken, Environmental Advisor, Port of Oslo.   


Established by the European port organization ESPO, PERS stands for Port Environmental Review System. PERS certification is comprehensive on several levels and is assessed every second year by an external auditor from Lloyd's Register. 

Port of Oslo is also certified to the EN-NS ISO 14001:2015 standard. PERS certification shares a similar methodology but with additional port-specific environmental measures.