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Lower prices for environmentally friendly ships

Lower prices for environmentally friendly ships

The 2024 prices have been adjusted with the consumer price index by 4%. Port of Oslo is sharpening the environmental discounts to reward ships that reduce emissions.

PUBLISERT: 13.12.23

On the way to the zero-emission port. Environmental discounts and investments in zero-emission technology will promote environmentally friendly sea transport. Photo: Lars Kringstad

Port of Oslo - Prices and commercial terms 2024

Port of Oslo is working to make sea transport even more environmentally friendly. Environmental discounts are further differentiated to reward emission cuts. Environmental contributions from all ships ensure and accelerate investments in zero-emission technology that promotes environmentally friendly sea transport.

Rewards environmentally friendly sea transport

The Port of Oslos’s mission is to facilitate climate- and environmentally friendly sea transport of, among other things, consumer goods, cars, building materials, and passengers to a growing city and region. By 2030, the city aims to remove 95% of greenhouse gas emissions. In the port, emissions should be reduced by 85% over the same period, and eventually become emission-free.

-It pays off to invest in and use zero-emission technology. We are shifting today’s discounts towards a more environmentally differentiated price structure to reward ships that reduce emissions. At the same time, we have increased the environmental contribution for everyone who ensures and accelerates necessary investments in zero-emission technology. We hope this will help Oslo achieve the goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 95% by 2030, says Einar Marthinussen, Commercial Director Port of Oslo.  

Kommersiell direktør i Oslo Havn, Einar Marthinussen. Bildet er tatt på Sjursøya med Oslo i bakgrunnen.
Einar Marthinussen, commercial director Port of Oslo. 

Investing in zero-emission technology   

Oslo Havn is investing in zero-emission technology. The development of the zero-emission port has significant costs in emission-free infrastructure.

Oslo Havn is investing in shore power for all types of ships. Shipping companies must convert their ships, and port operators must invest in new equipment and machinery.

Prices and discounts should balance the needs of the port’s maintenance and investment while maintaining the competitiveness of sea transport.

The environmental discount is currently calculated based on two established indices, EPI (Environmental Port Index) for cruises and the international environmental ship index ESI (Environmental Ship Index) for all ships. ESI rewards a wide range of the ship’s overall environmental characteristics.

-We encourage ships to register in the environmental ship indices ESI and EPI to obtain environmental discounts. It should cost more not to register and report emission figures or not to use zero-emission solutions, says Einar Marthinussen.