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European Conferance Regatta in Oslo

European Conferance Regatta in Oslo

The EU's green growth strategy, "Green Deal" and sustainability are on the agenda 28 May when Oslo hosts the annual conference of the European Ports Organization, ESPO. The conference is both digital and open for participation.

PUBLISERT: 09.04.21

The ESPO conference 2021 is arranged as a "regatta", and starts in Valencia on 25 May, sails on to Ghent on 26 May and to Oslo on 28 May.

-We are happy to welcome you to Oslo to discuss sustainability and how to achieve the climate goals. Norway has taken a leading position in the maritime industry and in climate-friendly technologies. Oslo is one of the world's most climate - conscious and environmentally ambitious port cities and will cut significantly in emissions by 2030. We have great faith in cooperation and knowledge exchange in the path to achieve the goal of becoming emission-free, says port director Ingvar M. Mathisen.

Sharing of ideas, experience and expertise from Norwegian and international paricipants will take place in Oslo.

Will port really be energy hubs and key players in the future zero emission logistics chains, is the key message by Knut Arild Hareide, Minister of Transport, Norway 

Oslo is well on its way to becoming the world's first emissions-free  port and wants to share and learn from other ports.  
ESPO will present its new green port guide for a green future in Oslo.

Programme and register for the ESPO Conference Regatta 2021

European ports in transition

The theme of the ESPO Conference Regatta 2021 is “Europe’s ports at the crossroads of transitions”.

After a year of disruption, Europe is preparing for a green recovery, a plan that aims at combining the need to recover with the delivery of the Green Deal, Europe’s flagship project to become the world’s first net-zero emission area by 2050. At the same time, Europe’s economy is getting ready for a digital future. Being at the centre of different strategies, Europe’s ports can be a partner in building a stronger and better Europe. They can develop towards becoming real engines of growth and green post-COVID recovery. What do ports have to offer? Which tools and policy ingredients are needed to boost this development? How to engage all partners in the port ecosystem?