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Corona and ship traffic

Corona and ship traffic

Port of Oslo continuously monitors developments related to the corona virus outbreak and maintains a dialogue with health authorities to manage the situation.

PUBLISERT: 14.03.20

The port has preparedness routines in place to identify contamination or suspicion of contamination on board ships.

Ships and port operators are required to notify health authorities immediately if there is an outbreak, or a suspected outbreak, of corona virus on board a vessel. Health authorities are notified if a contaminated ship arrives, or there is suspicion of corona virus on board.

Oslo’s Chief Hygiene Officer for Infection Control is responsible for measures under the Infectious Disease Control Act. Port of Oslo will support and implement the measures.

Ports of Entry

Port of Oslo, and the ports in Bergen and Tromsø, are designated ports of entry, and are obliged to receive ships with possible contamination in accordance with Regulations on Alerting and Measures for Serious Events of Importance to International Public Health, (IHR Regulations).

IHR regulations allow health authorities to take measures toward individuals and ships, including quarantine of vessels. However, regulations state that ships cannot be refused arrival at port, or to unload, load cargo or store cargo for public health considerations, and shall be allowed to take on fuel, water, food and supplies (Port & Waters Act § 17).

Health authorities, not the port, regulate whether people can or cannot go ashore, in accordance with the Contagious Disease Act.

Port of Oslo maintains an ongoing dialogue about the situation with stakeholders calling at the port and operating port terminals.

Port of Oslo has taken internal measures, including working from home, restrictions on meetings and travel to support its preparedness. Employees have been advised to avoid unnecessary domestic travel by public transport.

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Oslo Port Control (cellphone) +47 917 99 900

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