Oslo is an urban port that seeks to be an asset to the local community. Port operations and activity generate noise. Port of Oslo selects equipment that creates as little noise as possible. Photo: Espen Braata
Port of Oslo works closely with its neighbors to limit noise pollution from its operations.

The port will comply with laws and regulations governing noise while it pursues more efficient port operations and growth in maritime transport.

Noise from port operations and maritime transport

Port of Oslo is a public port that operates daily throughout the year. The port is obligated to receive any vessel that complies with existing regulations. Between 50-70 ships call every week. The port plays a vital role to supply the needs of a growing capital city and region. To ensure energy-efficient handling of traffic, Port of Oslo is expanding to accommodate more cargo and passengers. Ships berthing at the quay, mooring chains, and heavy vehicles transporting cargo and consumer goods are all a part of port activities that generate noise.  Traffic along Mosseveien and the E18 highway to Drammen is responsible for most of the noise in the immediate area around the harbor.

Building buffer zones

Port of Oslo creates buffer zones to shield neighbors from noise generated by port activity.  The buffer zone and popular activity park at Bekkelagsbadet were developed with input from the local community.

ENHANCING THE NEIGHBORHOOD. The popular activity park at Bekkelagsbadet shields the neighborhood from port activity on Ormsundkaia and contributes to more cargo being shifted from road to sea. Photo: Hans Kristian Riise

Measuring and reporting noise

Port of Oslo has installed a meter in Sydhavna to measure noise generated by port activities. The meter also measures specific categories of noise.  The port receives and registers feedback online from neighbors and the public regarding noise. (See top right-hand column). Each submission receives a response. For more information - see annual reports and noise zone maps.

Noise report

Please record your feedback on noise. Your request will be forwarded to a manager. Please do not submit sensitive information.