YILport Oslo is Norway’s logistics hub and home to Norway's largest and most modern container terminal. The port is close to a large and growing market. Half of the Norwegian population lives within a 3-hour drive.

About 80% of goods shipped by container, everything from bicycles, books to electronics, curbstones and foodstuffs is destined for Oslo and the surrounding region.  Maritime transport is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, and more than halves the greenhouse gas emissions compared to other modes of transport.

Advanced logistics, Green terminal

YILport Oslo's advanced logistics systems and modern, environmentally friendly terminal equipment ensure efficient transshipment. Close proximity to road and rail networks allow cargo to move quickly through port for distribution to business and consumers.   

YILport Oslo aims to be a zero emissions terminal. The port’s container cranes are among the world's quietest, zero-emissions cranes. The terminal has eight electric stacking cranes (RTG). Electric forklifts are already in place. As part of its sustainability goals, the port plans to acquire electric tractors and reach stackers.

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