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Recreational Boat Marina

Recreational Boat Marina

Photo: Tord Baklund / Visit Oslo

Oslo’s rich cultural life and recreational opportunities attract many visitors while inner Oslo Fjord offers access to the unspoiled beauty of several islands. If you visit Oslo in a small boat, you can moor near the heart of the city or drop anchor among the islands.

Marinas / Guest Harbors
Here you will find an overview of marinas and guest harbors (Norwegian) in Oslo and inner Oslo Fjord.

Sewage discharge for small boats
In Oslo you will find four easily accessible discharge depots for small boats. You can use these environmentally friendly stations free of charge. Depots are located in Frognerkilen, Bestumkilen, Hovedøya and Paddehavet. (Norwegian)

Jetties for boarding and disembarking Port of Oslo has jetties available for day visitors at the following locations: Honnørbrygga, outside the foodhall, Vippa at Vippetangen, and the wood jetty at Langkaia.

Regulations: Inner Oslo Fjord
* The maximum speed limit is 25 knots on waterways in the municipality of Oslo.

* 5 knots within 150 meters of land, visible islets and reefs.

* Swimming in Oslo waterways, in the immediate vicinity of scheduled ferries and other utility traffic is prohibited.

* Diving in Oslo's inner harbor (within the blue dotted border of the map) requires permission from Port of Oslo.

Map of speed limitations for municiapaliity of Oslo. 

Buoys and mooring for recreational boats
Information and/or applications for a permit to launch a buoy/moorage for recreational boats within the municipality of Oslo is available via e-mail: postmottak@oslohavn.no

Information can also be obtained from Oslo Port Control: havnevakt@oslohavn.no

Phone: +47 917 99 900