Statutes for Port of Oslo KF established April 15, 2004, last amended April 11, 2019.

§1 Company name The name of the company is Oslo Havn KF (Port of Oslo).  

§2 Business Office The company's office is in the municipality of Oslo.  

§3 Purpose of the enterprise The purpose of the company is to facilitate efficient and environmentally friendly operations to support maritime transport, monitor traffic in the municipality's harbor, and manage the port's properties and facilities in an economical and environmentally sound manner.  

§4 Board of Directors The board has ten members. The municipality of Oslo elects up to six representatives, including the Chair and Vice-Chair. The municipality also selects a single customer representative with expertise in the port and/or transport sector. Akershus, Hedmark and Oppland counties together appoint a single member and a deputy member. Port employees elect two members from the staff. The board serves for 4 years. Terms of office are aligned with municipal elections.

§5 Municipal Authority Oslo City Council is the governing authority for all business of the enterprise that comes before the municipality, and is responsible for the implementation of council’s decisions.  Port of Oslo will submit its recommendations to Council as an attachment to its submission. If Council determines it requires additional information from Port of Oslo, the submission is sent back to the enterprise for further development.   §6 Chief Executive Officer The Board appoints the CEO.  

§7 Agreements Agreements that bind the municipality of Oslo as a legal entity apply to the enterprise unless an explicit exception is specified in the agreement.  

§8 Directives and regulations Port of Oslo shall manage the port capital in accordance with the intentions set forth in the Port & Waters Act. Municipality of Oslo directives and regulations adopted by City Council or the Executive Branch shall be binding on Port of Oslo. The municipality’s current guidelines for the sale of real estate shall apply to the enterprise at all times. Municipality regulations for terms and remuneration of executives apply to the enterprise. The board's authority to make decisions in personnel matters does not apply to the authority to make temporary appointments based on the Working Environment Act, section 14-9, first paragraph, subparagraph f.  

§9 Board Authority Authority that lies with the municipality, in accordance with the Port & Waters Act, is included under the authority of Port of Oslo.