Open Day in the Port September 3rd- programme


POST 1 ROBOTS Test-drive the robots and see what they find in the sea. Build and race your own rubber band boat with the students from Makerspace. OsloMet, Trettenparken.

POST 2 SPORTS AND PLAY Borrow free skateboards, rollerblades, and other equipment for play and leisure. BUA, Trettenparken.

POST 3 SKATE SHOW Skateboarding demonstration, Trettenparken.

POST 4 SKATING Free rolling activities. Instructors provide tips and guidance. Accessible and suitable for children of all ages, Skur 13.

POST 5 CAPTAIN KID Meet Captain Kid and his talented face painters! Participate in a quiz and win great prizes. Color Line Cruises, Trettenparken.

POST 6 ELIAS: THE LITTLE RESCUE BOAT  Sail with Elias. Redningsselskapet, outside Skur 13.  

Tjuvholmen / Aker brygge/ Rådhusbryggene

POST 7 ASTRUP FEARNLEY MUSEUM The anniversary exhibition with guided tours at 14:00 and 15:00. Workshop from 12:00 to 16:00 for both adults and children. Adults pay an entrance fee. Astrup Fearnley Museet, Tjuvholmen.

POST 8 SAUNA Quiz for children and other pleasant, small activities. Great prizes. Kok Oslo, Aker Brygge.

POST 9 DOCKDANCE Dockside dancing from 12:00 to 16:00. Diverse dance music and instructors. Kom og Dans, Tingvallakaia.

POST 10 NATIONAL MUSEUM Treasure hunt for children. Everyone receives a prize. Create paper figures with motifs from the collection. The National Museum, Brynjulf Bulls plass 3.  

POST 11 MEET PELICAN Oslo Harbor's electric environmental boat, Pelikan II, collects tons of garbage annually. See the drone that detects garbage on the seabed. Participate in a quiz with great prizes. Oslo Harbor KF, Honnørbrygga.

POST 12 A NOBLE SCHOONER The schooner Dyrafjeld (1889) is a school ship at Sollerudstranda School. Come on board the beautiful boat. Dyrafjeld, Rådhusbrygge 1.

POST 13 REAL SEA SCOUTS Learn about sailing on the sailboat Mohawk. Activities, games, and competitions. Oslo YMCA Sea Corps, Rådhusbrygge 1.  

Akershusstranda POST 14 AKERSHUS EVENT - in collaboration with Oslo havnelangs Open traditional boats, vintage cars and motorcycles, traditional craftsmanship, local history, and music. Lectures on traditional craftsmanship and intangible cultural heritage. Oslo Cultural Heritage Network, Oslo Maritime Cultural Harbor, along with various cultural preservation associations, Akershusstranda.

POST 15 AKERSHUS EVENT - VETERAN BOATS Visit the steamship DS Styrbjørn and join the treasure hunt on DS Børøysund. Stately vintage cars on the quay. Norsk Veteranskibsklub, Nordre Akershuskai.

POST 16 AKERSHUS EVENT - KYSTLAGET VIKEN Open boat workshop and wooden peg workshop for children. Try your luck at fishing with your own wooden peg. See Sollerud Boatyard restore a vintage rowing boat in the workshop. Pancake and coffee sales. Visit the ferry Hovedøya. Kystlaget Viken, Nordre Akershuskai.

POST 17 AKERSHUS EVENTET- MINESWEEPER Visit the veteran ship M314 "Alta". Fartøylaget M314, Nordre Akershuskai.

POST 18 POLICE BOATS Visit the police boats and the police. If they are not here when you arrive, they are on a mission. Sjøtjenesten Oslo politidistrikt, Skur 30.

POST 19 VisitOSLO Welcome to VisitOSLO's cycling tourist information. Tips on attractions and activities. Vippetangen at Skur 38

POST 20 THE SAILING SHIP CHRISTIAN RADICH (1937) Tour of Oslo's pride - a full-rigged ship and school ship (1937). Learn to tie knots. Christian Radich, Vippetangen.

POST 21 SKUR 38 Built for the Norwegian America Line. Now rehabilitated and houses Port of Oslos's administration. Learn about the harbor's past and future. Port of Oslo, Vippetangen.

POST 22 OSLO HARBOR 1798 Experience Bjørvika in 1798. A 3D film is continuously shown. Tidvis AS, Skur 38 Vippetangen.

POST 23 HISTORICAL WALKS Walk at 12: From Vippetangen to Rådhusplassen in search of the city's past harbor life. Walk at 14: From Vippetangen to Langkaia - in the footsteps of the emigrants. Historian Erik Ødemark, Vippetangen.

POST 24 ENVIRONMENT AND PILOT BOAT Visit the pilot boat Nøtterøy (1929). Take a trip on the coastal patrol boat. Learn more about Oslo as a port city and create street art. UngNorge, Vippetangen.

POST 25 UKRAINE ASSOCIATION Varied activities. Sales of food and souvenirs. 

POST 26 BUILD A LOBSTER HOUSE Build a home for the lobsters. Marinreperatørene, Vippetangen.

POST 27 RUSKEN Help Rusken fish for garbage and sort the catch. Rusken Oslo kommune, Vippetangen.

POST 28 COD AND HAUNTED HOUSE Join the cleanup campaign #10 for the cod. Be a fish in polluted waters and swim into the haunted house. Bymiljøetaten, Vippetangen.

POST 29 DISCOVER LIFE UNDERWATER See life in the Oslo Fjord through an aquarium and learn from marine biologists. Lei en biolog, Vippetangen.

POST 30 CAPTAIN REDBEARD Welcome to a pirate party with Captain Redbeard. Performances at 13:00 and 15:00. Captain Redbeard, Vippetangen.

POST 31 FENAKNOKEN (food shop) Cured lamb and fish for every taste. Refreshments. Fiskehallen, Vippetangen.

POST 32 CREATE ART WITH BLUE CLAY Learn to use blue clay from Bjørvika along with straw and sand. Ceramic artist Halvor Skiftun Digernes leads a blue clay workshop for young and old. Vippa, Vippetangen.  

Ferry Terminal/Revierkaia/Langkaia

POST 33 FIRE BOAT The rescue team extinguishes fires with water cannons. If they are not here when you arrive, they are on a mission. Oslo brann- og redningsetat, Vippetangen, Vippetangen.  

POST 34 FUN WITH DFDS Lucky wheel with prizes and activities for young and old. DFDS, Vippetangen.  

POST 35 CUSTOMS DOGS The Customs Service Dog Unit celebrates 50 years! At 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, and 15:30, you can see how customs officers and their specially trained dogs search for narcotics in cars and luggage. Customs Service, Inspection Hall at Revierkaia.  

POST 36 CULTURE SALT Oslo Fringe Theatre Festival is taking place at Salt. Free children's and family shows featuring some of the country's best theater companies. 11:00 - 12:00 Flying Seagulls. 11:00 - 11:50 A Clown's Life, by the clown duo TB Teater. 12:00 - 12:45 The Green Shift, by the rock 'n' roll theater Flora Teater. 15:00 - 16:30 Peer, by Knut Nærum and Dette Teatret, Salt, Revierkaia.

POST 37 SEE OSLO CARGO PORT Guided boat tour to Norway's largest container port. One tour per person. Port of Oslo KF, Langkaia. Oslo Port Authority.

POST 38 SKONNERTEN SVANEN On the 100-year-old ship, you can try the hammock and join a puzzle. Norwegian Maritime Museum, SS Svanen, Langkaia.

POST 39 SAUNA Welcome to the warmth at Oslo Sauna Association - free sauna from 12-16. Remember to bring swimwear. Oslo Badstuforening, Langkaia.

POST 40 OSLO LØA Oslo's first floating experience center against marine pollution in the Oslo Fjord. See what the divers from Oslo Fjord Clean Up find. Oslo Løa - Langkaia.


POST 41 SJØEN FOR ALLE Customized tour boat for wheelchair users. Free waffles for children and maritime lottery for adults. Sjøen for Alle, Sukkerbiten or Langkaia.

POST 42 CLEANUP ACTION Free sauna. Cleanup action with Oslo Fjord Clean Up. Registration here: www.oslofjordcleanup.no

POST 43 LØRJETUR Free boat trip from Vaterland to Bjørvika. Experienced sailors on the dock provide life jackets and guidance. Akerselva Padleklubb, Operagata 49.

POST 44 AKERSELVA PADDLE CLUB Rowing and paddling. Akerselva Paddle Club, Operagata 49.    

POST 45 DNT- OUTDOOR HOUSE AT SØRENGA For ages 10 to 30: Free bouldering, kayaking and SUP testing with instructors. Friluftshuset, DNT Oslo og Omegn, Sørenga.

POST 46 LOSÆTER Bread and pizza baking in the stone oven at Losæter. Learn to spin thread from nettles and dye textiles with plants. Losæter, near Lohavn, in Bjørvika.

PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST Share your best photo from Oslo's harbor area on Instagram with #oslohavnelangs2023. The jury from foto.no in Barcode will select the winner who will receive a prize. In addition, 10 winners will receive a free print with a frame from the store in Barcode.