Yilport Holding and Port of Oslo Seal the Deal

Yilport Holding and Port of Oslo Seal the Deal

Yilport Holding, Yilport Oslo and the Port of Oslo signed the lease contract on Wednesday, October 15th, for the land and equipment of Port of Oslo’s Container Terminals. The agreement has a term of 20 years with an option for a 10-year extension.

Bildet: Robert Yuksel Yildirim, president og CEO, Yildirim Holding and Anne Sigrid Hamran, port director, Oslo Port Authority.

The Port of Oslo container facilities are the largest in Norway, handling over 30% of the Norwegian container volume. Port of Oslo has embarked on an intense city planning project, relocating container volumes within the port to a new container facility at Sjursøya. This facility will be developed in stages to a designed annual capacity of 450,000 TEU. In 2013, the Port of Oslo container facilities handled over 200,000 TEU. Yilport Holding has been selected as the terminal’s operator based on its unique systems and extensive experience in port operation. Yilport also has the ability to aggressively market the terminal internationally.The Port of Oslo Director, Anne-Sigrid Hamran believes Yilport is the best choice to develop and operate the container terminal. In a statement she said:

“Yilport Holding was chosen because they share our goal of doubling cargo flows in order to serve Oslo’s growing population and boost the economy. Based on Yilport’s proven track-record, we have confidence they can take on this task.”

The addition of Yilport Oslo is part of Yilport Holding’s mission of being a top-10 port operator by 2025. The company has big plans for further expansion in Northern Europe as well as other regions in the world. The CEO of Yilport Holding, Sean Pierce, is confident in the new partnership with the Port of Oslo. He says:

“For now our immediate focus is establishing rail connection to expand the market, and offering an integrated service package. We have a long-term commitment to turn YILPORT Oslo into the preferred Gateway for all Norwegian cargo. The port has lost some of its competitive advantage and Yilport, in partnership with the Oslo Havn, will focus on improving the quality of the services provided to customers."

Yilport Holding and Port of Oslo Seal the Deal

In front from left: Sean Pierce, CEO, Yilport Holding, Robert Yuksel Yildirim, president and CEO, Yildirim Holding, Anne Sigrid Hamran, port director, Oslo Havn, Bernt Stilluf Karlsen, chariman, Oslo Port Authority. Behind from left: Nazli Uyanik Yildiz, manager Investment & Investor Relations, Yildirim Holding, Lennert Dewaelsche, coordinator, Yilport Holding, Dag H. Sem, director of traffic, Oslo Port Authority, Ole Thomas Berge, juridical adviser, Oslo Havn

Starting on February 1st, Yilport will integrate the Port of Oslo Crane Department with Yilport Oslo and start-up container operations. Yilport Oslo will work closely with the port authority to commission the most environmentally-friendly RTGs in the world in order to minimize the impact on the environment and the Oslo community. Yilport will implement advanced equipment, global proven technologies, and best practices to improve the ports competitiveness.

Yilport Holding is honored to be part of the long-term strategy for Norway, the Oslo Fjord, and the city of Oslo.


Yilport Holding and Port of Oslo Seal the Deal

Selfie: The leaders took leaders took a selfie after signing the contract



Photos: Christian Ruscetta