Photo: Espen Braata
Sydhavna (South Harbor) is Norway's most important logistics hub connecting local, regional and national markets. This modern industrial port is located east of inner Oslo Fjord.

From Sydhavna, cargo can be distributed to half the country's population in less than three hours. It is also the main terminal for cargo arriving by sea to Oslo.

Maritime transport is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, and more than halves greenhouse gas emissions compared to other modes of transport. As the population of the Oslo region grows and demand for goods increase, Port of Oslo wants to develop its port facilities in a way that is sustainable, and helps improve traffic safety and the transport network.

Norway's largest container port, Yilport is located at Sydhavna. The container port is also home to an oil terminal supplying eastern Norway, and station for a daily train transporting aviation fuel to Gardermoen airport.

Several companies utilize Sydhavna to import a diverse variety of cargo such as motor vehicles, salt, grain, electricity, concrete and cement. Sydhavna also hosts facilities for recycling scrap iron and future CO2 storage that helps contribute to a circular economy.