The ultimate goal for the port when it comes to waste is rather simple; produce less and recycle more.

In 2017 cruise ships that berth at Søndre Akershuskai can deliver your waste water with out extra cost. You need to request the delivery at leat 24 hours before arrival. Fill in the wastewater delivery form below and send it to trafikksentralen@ohv.oslo.no. We will contoll at least 10 different ships throughtout the season and get them analysed for grease, metals and other components our municipality regards as damaging to the system.


There is a very dedicated team at the port that makes sure that the waterfront is both tidy and clean. The organisation has much focus on recycling, not only externally but also internally.

The types of waste that are produced and handled at the Port of Oslo are office waste, waste from ships, waste from construction and similar work, and waste from the sea. 

When it comes to collecting waste from the sea, MS Pelikan is the definite hero. Every year, this little boat collects over 80 tons of rubbish from the sea. 


More sorting of waste

Handling waste in a responsible manner is a continuous process but the goal is always the same; less waste and more recycling.

The Port of Oslo wants all ships who dock at the port to take the same approach to waste as we do. That is why ships which deposit three or more types of sorted rubbish gets a discount on the normal waste disposal fee.


Use these forms concerning waste reception at the Port of Oslo:

Waste notification form / Avfallsskjema for Oslo (word)

Waste information for cruiseship and agents

Prices for sludge grey and black water Stena Recycling

Stena Recycling Permission from Norwegian authorities

Map of stations for sorting waste in Oslo

Waste water delivery form in the Port of Oslo


Waste disposal form



Questions about waste and recycling please contact Stena Recycling AS at +47 63 86 86 00 / kundeservice@stenarecycling.com

Send notification form to trafikksentralen@ohv.oslo.no (tel: +47 917 99 900)